Waste Paper Recycling in Offices

All office paper collection programs have one common element – the separation of recyclable office paper from waste materials and contaminants from the source. The program options range from sorting of multiple grades of paper to a simple mixed paper system. Some programs concentrate on sorting out the higher value grades of paper such as ledger books, printed papers or notebooks etc.. Some offices prefer a mixed paper program, which diverts a greater volume of the office waste stream.

Bedi Trading Company will help you to design a program that works best for your office.


We offer customers a complete range of office recycling items which includes Mixed Papers, News Papers, Vending Cups, Magazines, Paper Bags, Cartoons, Fast Food Wrappers, and Wrapping Paper and Files etc.


Companies are required to periodically re-evaluate their waste management and recycling practices. Our recycling consultants visit your site and tell you the most efficient way to enhance your recycling process and reduce your office waste.


Track results to show the merits of recycling and motivate employees. Achieving recycling goals, lowering costs, realizing environmental benefits, or improving participation are all opportunities to show off program successes.


In our training and education sessions, we not only brief the customer and their work force about our services, but also describe the positive and beneficial impact of recycling on the environment by making slight changes in our lifestyles.


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