About us

Recycling is not only a process of converting waste items into reusable products, but also has a wider perspective impact on the environment, society and economy. In the current scenario, Global Warming is a major issue for the survival of humans and other species on Earth. Every year the environment surprises us a lot if we analyze the current scenario, hence changes occur due to changes in global or regional or geographical climate patterns. Many countries are experiencing Global Warming effects; Millions of people suffer from climate change issues. There is still very little awareness about waste recycling in India.

Bedi Trading Company had put its first step in this sector of saving environment in the year 1999 as there was no such service provider available in the market because people were not much aware of waste recycling and its impact on the environment.

We don’t sell any kind of material in the local market. Everything goes to the paper mill after sorting in our godown.


  • To contribute towards an environmental cause by saving landfill space, conserving natural resources and reducing pollution
  • To cultivate an environmental awareness among office workers who consume large amounts of paper daily.

Why Bedi Trading Company?

  • We have experienced and dedicated staff which makes it possible to destroy old records in the desired manner by your guidelines and makes your office more spacious, efficient, clean.
  • We provide you latest rates according to the market.
  • Our best policy is honesty, fair dealing, and right conduct and fast work.
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