Bulk Paper Recycling

We help you handle the difficult problem of developing a waste paper recycling program, putting money back into your pocket in the process. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by properly educating you on the various grades of waste paper we have, and the market for those products.

Do you generate large quantities of paper waste?
We collect waste paper from all kinds of Banks, Educational Institutes, Election Offices, Industries, And Organisations.

With increasing land cost it makes great commercial and environmental sense to recycle whenever possible.

Bedi Trading Company provides complete paper recycling solutions for small to bulk requirements.

Computer paper

Also known as CPO (computer print out). Continuous paper printed on an impact printer, usually solid white, including blue— or green-lined, pin-feed printer paper printer is untreated and uncoated. Does not include laser—printed paper.

White Ledger

Most white office paper in single sheets or continuous forms, including white computer paper, copy paper, letterhead, white notebook paper and ledger paper.


A specialty grade of mixed office-type papers that is derived from discarded files. These may come from offices, records Storage, records storage, archives, libraries, ere. Mostly white and colored ledger but may also include carbonless paper, bleached file folders, paper clips, binders, etc.


A mixture of various grades of recyclable paper not limited by fiber content and includes most types of clean and dry paper including glossy, white ledger and computer papers, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, cards, laser-printed white ledger, windowed envelopes, sticky notes, and often contains corrugated and brown paper.

Bulk Paper Recycling

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