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Bedi Trading Company is a premier provider of old documents destruction services for Banks, Election Offices, Insurance Companies, Govt. Institutes/Offices/Organizations and Industries in bulk quantity. Insecure disposal methods of confidential documents that make it easy for criminals & competitors to get your waste item bags from the market which may contain your customer’s names & addresses, purchase & sales history, employees’ names & addresses, wages/salaries, medical records, etc. Can you afford to share this type of information to anyone?

Bedi Trading Company provides services for the destruction of confidential documents like paper shredding.

Through our shredding and recycling services, we provide customers with pick-up service determined as safe collection options according to their needs.


  • Is your staff fully aware of their responsibilities regarding the security of confidential information?
  • Are they aware that data to be destroyed should not be accessed or used for any other purpose other than to complete the destruction process?


Confidential Sacks: We can supply confidential sacks with seals, but we think the ideal solution is to adopt the sack according to your own needs

Lockable Bins: Paper slot with lid lock; attractive in an office environment; durable and easy to use


Whether you have one box or over 100 boxes, we handle one-time shred jobs of all sizes. We have the resources to accommodate any size one-time shredding project. Our one-time shredding service offers the same level of security as our regular shredding solutions.


Whenever any office required, they can rely on our shredding team providing quick, professional, and friendly service. We will meet your shredding requirements on a time frame that suits your busy schedule.

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